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Address Change Notification Desired / Select Default Address


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We use Prestashop for a membership system that includes gathering information for some postal mailings in addition to an email newsletter. I would like to be notified whenever a person updates their postal mail address. Some people use a "Summer" and "Winter" address, and I would like to be able to select the proper address. Can someone give me pointers on how to do the following?


1. Notify the shop admin via email when a user updates their mail address (maybe an extension to the Mail Alerts module?)

2. When more than one postal address is stored, require an address designated as "current mailing address" (this would be a new field with a checkbox). I can add a checkbox to the tpl and know how to update the ps_address table with a field to handle this. It's the logic that would only permit checking of the box for a single address (thus unchecking for any other address).

3. This will allow me to create a SQL query to export membership records (including postal addresses) for customers that purchased current year membership. When more than one postal address is stored, it will use the address designated as "current mailing address". I've got a query that exports the current year members now with all addresses and would just add the filter for the "current mailing address".

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