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Http500 while maneging the URLs under CEO/URL

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Every time i'm gonna open the URLs to optimize them a Http 500- problem occurs.


I followed the instructions how to troubleshoot the problem and this is the answer i got:


Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'ReflectionException' with message 'Class GetFileController does not exist' in /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/classes/Meta.php:71 Stack trace: #0 /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/classes/Meta.php(71): ReflectionClass->__construct('GetFileControll...') #1 /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/controllers/admin/AdminMetaController.php(229): MetaCore::getPages(true, '404') #2 /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/classes/controller/AdminController.php(1428): AdminMetaControllerCore->renderForm() #3 /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/classes/controller/Controller.php(167): AdminControllerCore->initContent() #4 /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/classes/Dispatcher.php(349): ControllerCore->run() #5 /customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/luffarjenny/index.php(50): DispatcherCore->dispatch() #6 {main} thrown in

/customers/9/5/7/luffarjenny.se/httpd.www/classes/Meta.php on line 71


Anyone who knows where the problem might be?




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