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Do currencies change automatically? Also localization problem

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How does the actual changing of currencies work with 1.5.4? If a customer buys from America and I am defaulted in Africa will his sign-up cause the change of currency automatically (assuming I have entered all of the currency detail correctly). My old system 1.4.? gave buyers an option on the home page to click on their required currency, which was illustrated with a choice of currency symbols in the header. So far I can't find that the module in 1.5 allows the buyer to click on their own choice of currency. I have no symbols on the home page. Am I missing something?


Secondly I have stupidly deleted a bunch of countries - all European - from Localization > Countries, instead of saving them. I couldn't get them back by resetting. Without being too technical is here a way I can get them back? Or must I input them back one at a time?

Much obliged for any help.

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First questions that pops up os did you by any chance disable/uninstall/deleted the currency block module? Check in your modules list if it exists. If not, upload to your /modules folder using FTP may be the solution... (You may need to enable it afterwards)


2nd question: Do you know SQL? If so, maybe install a 'testshop' locally or on a subdomain and extract the country info from the database. then insert in your shop database (N.B. Before adding, BACKUP the whole database!!!)


Hope this helps,


N.B. Did I tell you to BACKUP your database before adding anything?? :-) )

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