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Calling blocks(hooks?)


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I'm redesigning my shop at the moment and I've run into a problem that no amount of google can help me with.


I'm trying to call hooks into a custom menu, I want to call manufacters/ login/ search/ cart into the menu.

I've been searching for awhile now but the most I could come across was using {Hook::blockmanufacture(getContent);} (or there abouts) which didn't seem to work.


Is there an easy way to attach already made blocks into my new menu?


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I wrote some stuff a while back about doing this kind of thing in Prestashop 1.4 which can be found on my site. In 1.5 support for this has actually been added. You can use the following smarty code:


{hook h="hookname"}


you appear to also be able to pass parameters in the smarty code where the additional paramaters are passed in the $params array as key=>value e.g.


{hook h="myHook" order_id= X cart_id=Y}


In the hook function these could be accessed via:


$order_id = (int)$params['order_id'];
$cart_id = (int)$params['cart_id'];


The above is from looking at the code as I haven't had time to explore further. Good luck!

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