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How to keep footer on left side and have center content all the way down?


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I'm pretty new, presta 1.54.


As you see in the bottom...




I need the center content to get all the way Down to the bottom of the page (like there was no footer), but still keep the left side of the footer fixed at its place where it is now.


I attached an image.


Thank you for the help!!


BR Lasse


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Hi Vekia.


Could you please describe how to do it. I'm new at this and not 100% sure how to do it.

Thank you for the time.

If I can't move the footer (with only Contact and Social Network module) to the left column, then I need to erase the footer totally and transplant Contact and social Network to the left column. But I prefer the color of the footer, so I would like VEKIA's option to work.


BR Lasse

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