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I have a X-File in a simple module

David X

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Hello guys,


I have a serious X-File in my module. I'm starting with a module basics and here is my controller code:



class AdminMyModuleController extends ModuleAdminController{

public function __construct(){

 $this->table = 'mymoduletable';
 $this->className = 'MyModuleModel';


$this->fields_list = array(
  'id_test' => array(
   'title'  => '#'
  'title' => array(
   'title'  => $this->module->l('Title')
  'text' => array(
   'title'  => $this->module->l('Text')
  'active' => array(
   'title'  => $this->module->l('Active')

$this->actions = array('delete');




If I click on my module tab, no list is generated, but if I change the table name for any other of PS database, then the list is generated propertly.


¿Prestashop dont like my table? I renamed ps_products to ps_mymoduletable and didnt work! :<


Please I'm going crazy, I dont know what can I do,


Thank you in advanced guys.

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