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How to Retrieve a new field using the API


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Hi all,


I'm programming an ERP integration with prestashop and for this I need to create a field in the product table that will contain the id of the ERP product so I can synchronize both.


The problem is that once I have modified the table and added the new field, I can not retrieve it using the web services.

I tried with:

www.myshop.com/api/products/1 and www.myshop.com/api/products/?display=full but the new field don't appears

www.myshop.com/api/products/?display = [id, MyField] but fails


Does anyone know how to do?

Should we add the new field somewhere so that the web services will recognize?


Thank you very much.




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Hope a solution will be posted, as I might also need this.


It's a bit of a compromise, but are you currently using the EAN13, UPC and Reference field?

If one of those aren't used, maybe it could serve as the placeholder for the ERP ID?

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Thank you very much for the suggestion, Carlsen.


Would need a solution that does not depend on whether or not the user uses these fields in his shop.


If I do not find the way, I will have to work directly with the tables but it would be better to do it with the API.



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