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Out of stock mail alert box stays visible on in stock items


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When I enable the mail alerts module for out of stock items it also stays visible for in stock items and combinations (asking users to leave an email address to get an alert when the item is back in stock, when it's already in stock). How do I leave it visible only for out of stock items and combinations and hide it for all the in stock items and combinations? I'm on 1.4.9.

Please help! Thanks!

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I am on prestashop 1.5.4 and have the same problem. Mail Alerts is showing the "Notify me when available" button even when the item is in stock.


I read a thread saying someone solved this and that it disappears if the product has "attributes". But I think the error is in the code that it is not hiding the button if the item is in stock because it is not checking the table: ps_product_available id_product quantity field.


Can someone please help modify this code so it doesn't appear if the item is in stock? Please :)

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I am having the same issue.  It only happens if I am logged in as a customer.   If I log out while on the product page, the text link goes away when the page refreshes.  After reading this thread, I performed a little test.  I set the theme to the default and the problem exists for the default theme as well.  I am not really good with code, but I am looking into it.  If anyone else can weigh in here, I would be thankful.

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I solved my issue. I noticed there was also a link to 'Add your review' in the same div just above the notification link on the product page. I deleted ProductComments from the out-of-stock hook and now the notification link displays only when it should. Maybe this will help anyone else with a similar issue?

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Hi Debra

I also had this problem with the mailalerts module and have noticed that it disappears if I disable the productcomments module. How did you fix this? I'd still like to have the productcomments module installed alongside the mailalerts module!




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Hi Gary,


I still have the Product Comments module.  I just removed it from the ProductOutOfStock hook.  I have Product Comments in the following hooks:






I probably do not need it in all of those places. I am just afraid to start deleting it since it works for now.  I hope my answer helps.  Sorry it took so long for me to respond.

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