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[solved] Add flash video or flash link to Home Text Editor Module, making it clickable too


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I'm a newbie, I use presta 1.54.


I want to place a flash video in the Home Text Module.

I have the link for the flash video from another page and I also have the file (400kb) on my computer.


1. How do I place it in the module (either by the file or link)?

I would like to have it adjustable W+H.


2. I would like to add a "click on" text on the flash video and by that only make it start (once) when clicking one time on the video. It's a demonstration video.


Thank you so much for helping my out here!


BR Lasse


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Hi Lasse,


Have you tried using post-285092-0-96071600-1366449142.png the button in the editor?


But instead of a flash movie, I'd suggest that you use HTML5 video.

This way you support devices not running flash (Apple products etc.).

Personally I've had success with MediaElement.js which can be customized in all sorts of ways.


Another idea would be uploading it to YouTube, which would make your site more visible, and maybe even give you some extra visitors/costumers.

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Lasse, to make it 'clickable' as well, first add the movie, then 'select' the movie in the editor (especially good visible that it's selected when using firefox) and click the link button to add a link to the movie block when clicked upon...


My 2 cents,



EDIT: May not work for video, only for pictures/text, as the video will be started/stopped by clicking on it...

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