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Installing 0.9.1

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I'm having a few difficulties installing prestashop. Im using 0.9.1 because I could not get past step 3 of the install with 0.9 - i believe for the same reason as this post...




However, i now have a problem getting past step 4. I have tried various settings and when I click on next the browser hangs (firefox and ie) and it doesnt do anything else.


If i set up my smtp manually in step 3 and successfully send an email, instead of the browser hanging (as above) - i get an error message saying smtp parameters are incorrect - but i have already received an email in the previous step.


My guess is im talking about 2 separate issues here - have you come across this problem before?


Also, once the browser has hung on step 4 i am able to view the prestashop user interface and mess around with the cart etc but I am not able to log into the admin interface - seems my user has not been created as I cannot log in.


My environment :


Windows 2003 Server

PHP 5.2.1

Apache 2.2

MySQL 5.0.45-community-nt


Any info you have would be greatly appreciated :)

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I'm having the same problem.


1. first error detected (for me only maybe), a warning when sending a mail that leads to a js error. (Used my own SMTP instead of my ISP's)

see atached file to see where this error occurs.

workaround => @mail


2. Step N° 4 "hangs"

Return from model.php :


<field id="infosShop" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosFirstname" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosName" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosEmail" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosPassword" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosLanguages" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosNotification" result="ok" error="" />

<field id="infosInsertSQL" result="fail" error="11" />



The error is in file checkShopInfos.php

$sqlParams[] = 'INSERT INTO '._DB_PREFIX_.'contact (id_contact, email) VALUES (NULL, ''.pSQL($_POST['infosEmail']).''), (NULL, ''.pSQL($_POST['infosEmail']).'')';


SQL Server returns an error :

Field 'position' doesn't have a default value.


Set default value to 0 to the field position in table contact. I suppose this wont cause any real trouble ?


Everything works fine.


A simple install log file would be extremely usefull.


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