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Dutch Language pack for PrestaShop 1.2 Final (

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This is the Dutch Language pack for PrestaShop 1.2 Final ( .

Current releasedate: 31-07-2009

What do we have:
1: Translation follows an overall standard and cosmetic look
2: Office back-end translated 90%
3: Front-end translated 100%
4: Errors translated 100%
5: PDF translated 100%
6: Modules translated 70%
7: All e-mails are completly new translated from the English e-mails copied the 1.2 beta 3 release!
8: Errors in e-mails are ironed out while testing 1.2 beta 5

Please be aware that still not all modules are translated!
Some help-files were more clear in English so they have been left untouched.

Make sure that:
If you add a new Dutch Translations you follow the same line of translation wich is already used.
Same words etc.:
Save = Bewaren
Image = Afbeelding etc.

Follow/use the ABN norm of the Dutch language and if you re-read your own translation it makes sence.
This will make sure that new users of PrestaShop will have a professional looking Dutch translation and also a professional looking shop.

If you do not plan to do so please do not upload any translations as this will confuse others!

If you have any comments or have found errors please contact me!

Thanks for your understanding!

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