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Product order inside category

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I am using prestashop - I want to sort products inside category in a custom way. Ive heard that there were some arrows / jquery drag&drop way but.. In my browsers it doesnt work. Any idea how to achieve it? in menu > prefernces > products Ive change the order for order inside category.


thanks for help!


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You should use a browser that accept javascript. Exemple Firefox, Chrome, ... Once this is done, those button will appear within the Position column, you can then either click the arrao or drag/drop (from the arraow area) product to any location in the list. The position will then be saved live

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Hi Gentlemen,

I'm new on PS and The solution you gave does not solve my issue-:

I want to create a new product and introduce this new product between 2 existing products.

For that I think I have to modify the ID and I did not found how I can do it.

Thanks from your help

I have product A C F G... and I create B and E and I like to display on the following order

A, B ,C , E, F G...

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This is total non sense.

Product does not get ordered in such way. The end user have links to re-order product by name, they can filter them (layered navigation, ...).Even if you change (by tweaking within the database) the product id, the shop may display products in different order upon various reason.


The initial question was regarding categories. And categories can get ordered the way you want for the purpose of any module that displays category list (the native module been blockcategory).


Assuming you want still to change product order and your customer does not use the order by filter, you can certainly acheive the "tweaking" by series of clone and delete. The clone getting a new id. Again I emphase the fact that this is IMHO a total vaste of time.

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