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[SOLVED] Editing INFORMATION - add more catagories


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Ciao people.


I use our friend Presta 1.54


1. I added some more catagories to INFORMATION under CMS, and turned them on to display, but they dont show in the INFORMATION block.

Only if I click on INFORMATION, they show as a part of HOME.


How can I get to see the catagories I add under INFORMATION in Front-office?


2. I need to de-activate INFORMATION on the left block, so you can't click on it as a link, but it only Works as and menu-header.




Peace & thanks,


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1) Did you check the new item in the CMS block modue - footer part already?

Go to modules->modules

find CMS Block and click configure


Check the new CMS item in the footer links table



2) Little confused here. You wanted it to show in question 1) and now you don't want any of them here? I probably misunderstand. Please elaborate a little...



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1) Solved. thanks


2) I want the INFORMATION to show on the homepage as it does now, but I don't want it as a link that you can click.

Only as a header menu, like CATAGORIES, you can't click on that, and that's what I want for INFORMATION too.


You are appreciated!


Out /Lasse

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Ah, there we go:

Open file: /themes/<your theme folder>/modules/blockcms/blockcms.tpl.


Find this piece of code (almost at top):



<!-- Block CMS module -->

{foreach from=$cms_titles key=cms_key item=cms_title}

<div id="informations_block_left_{$cms_key}" class="block informations_block_left">

<p class="title_block">{*<a href="{$cms_title.category_link}">*}{if !empty($cms_title.name)}{$cms_title.name}{else}{$cms_title.category_name}{/if}</a></p>

<ul class="block_content">



Comment out the link using these {* ... *} comment brackets



That should do it,


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