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Adding shopping cart summary to Cms page


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Hi everybody;


I want to add a cms page to my site. With this page I will show users their shopping cart in a seperate page. I try to use this code in cms page;


{include file="$tpl_dir./shopping-cart.tpl"} 


but it didn't work. It displayed all fields without value.


How can I do that?

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Did you try something like this already?


{include file="$base_dir/index.php?controller=order-opc"}


Didn't try it, but might work. It needs to 'pass the controller' before you show it, as there are the values filled.


Let us know the result...


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Hi Pascal,


I copied and pasted your code in a new page, but it returned a server error when I reloaded it. I've copied and pasted "{include file="$base_dir/index.php?controller=order-opc"}" in a custom new file called testpage.tpl (I added this new page following the instructions at http://www.prestashop.com/forums/topic/194774-how-can-i-add-a-new-custom-page/). I read in another post that you can't add php code to a cms page..


I'm running Prestashop 1.5.4 and using one page checkout. Any ideas where I'm going wrong?


Thank you!

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