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[SOLVED] re-designing product page. need help


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im trying to change the product page appereance.


to get the idea how i'd like to chage it please see attached image.


as i understand first of all i need to move image to the left, resize it and so on. second is the description. it needs to be moved to the right side of product image.


if only you can advise me where to start, which files need to be edited, what to do with left,right,center columns...


thanks in advance for your help.


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The files to begin with is

themes/<your theme folder>/product.tpl


This is the file that 'builds' your product detail page.


First of all, Make a backup of this file, just in case...


Then have a good look at the <!-- ... --> comment headers in this file, so you get a feeling how they build up the page.


Then start playing with blocks of the file and move them around a little, and see what the effect is on the page result.


Give it a try,


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