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B2B (Business to Business) Solution


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I am a newbie to Prestashop and wanted to know if anyone has developed a B2B solution on a commercial scale. I am looking for a couple of things in particular:


1. Automated products, customers, customer specific price file import from a pipe txt file/csv file on a daily basis.

2. Multiple login's for a customers.

3. Export an order to a XML file once an order is placed.


Can someone please guide me on the best way achieve the above or tell me if there are any module(s) available that will this will do this?



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Are you looking to set up a multiple supplier/vendor type site were manufacturers can sell their items to other businesses? Or were customers would be able to order from multiple suppliers or allow customers to be able to purchase wholesale items depending upon which customer group they're assisted too? Could you please clarify your specific requirements more clearly?

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