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[solved] BlockCategories smarty variable doesnt work


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Hi all,


I begin to developp website with prestashop and i am currently encountering an issue that i can not resolve by myself.


I have created and assignated a new smarty variable in the blockcategories.php file and i can't get it in the matching tpl file.


In blockcategories.tpl, whatever if i try to access to this variable with {$variable|print_r} or with a foreach loop, i only get a '0' value displayed on page. I am sure that my array variable is not empty as i displayed it in the php file.


With the smart debug console, i don't see my variable.


Here is a sample of my code which has exactly the same behaviour:




$arr = array(1, 2, 3);

$this->smarty->assign('test', $arr);





{foreach from=$test item= resultat}




I sincerely hope that someone willbe able to helm me ...





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Many thank's .... It works !


I had to switch my code in the function hookHeader() instead of function hookLeftColumn() .


But i don't really understand : the block categories is dislayed in the left column on my page, so why to declare this smarty in the header display function?



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thanks for information that it works, now i can go ahead and mark this thread as solved for other forum members.


to be honest, i dont exactly know why it isnt work well with correct hook ... Maybe some other code isnt working well, i dont know ;)


anyway, it works now ;)

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