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Shop Cloning


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Ok, so I don't want to clone the shop, but I do want to use the same layout.


This is how my current product listings appear:



This is how i want them to appear:



How can I go about doing this?

I understand you'll probably need to see inside my code, so just ask which files i need to show and i'll be glad to! Thanks!

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The layout of your site is determined in the 'Theme', a group of files that together make your website look how it looks like. In your case, your current and wished for are very, very different, so best is to look around for/at some themes and see which one comes close to what you want. (there are quite some free themes, but the really beautiful ones that fits you, you may have to pay for. (normally between 30-200 $, depending on the functionality offered.) Many have special modules, with nice options or design tricks included already. So the initial investment may be well worth )

From there you can do some small tweaks to make it exactly as you want. That's much easier than start from scratch with writing you own theme, especially if you have no experience in doing it.


If you insist on doing everything self, you may have a look here to get an idea:




Does anyone know a theme that comes close to what houston08 wants? Let him/her know.


My 2 cents,



A random sample of some jewelry themes I found using google







Here you can maybe ask for advise, or hire them to help you:




Youtube video with some themes described

The themes self can be found here:




another person asked about jewelry themes as well, and got those answers:


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