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Adding a product upsell at checkout


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Is there already a module, or can this be done... where the customer is asked if they want to add something to their cart at the checkout stage?


For instance, customer visits a store to buy a laptop, goes through to checkout and the cart asks them "would you like extended warranty with your purchase?"


Customer clicks on a tickbox or radio and the amount gets added to the total.


Is this possible or already in existence?



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visit this website, and demo the checkout process. I created an Upsell module for this customer that you might be able to use.



This offers the ability to create product groups in the back office that would then appear when a customer performs checkout.


Send me a PM if this is something that might interest you and we can discuss further.

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Thanks for the reply guys. Your solution sounds perfect Bellini13, wish I had spoken to you last week. We ended up buying the Upsell Accessories module (http://addons.prestashop.com/en/front-office-features-prestashop-modules/5557-upsell-accessories.html), which put the accessories in the price box on the product page. Its not perfect but got us through so far.


We may be tempted with your module if the price is right bellini13... could you PM me a price?

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