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[solved] Where i can find this, help with translation

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i need to find this words(viz. screens) and translate that to my leangue.


Can someone please tell my where i can foud it?


I apologize for my English, and thanks to all who will post some solution for my problem.



Have a nice day, erko :)






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1) translations -> module translations -> permanent links module

2) translations -> module translations -> reassurance module

3) translations -> front office translations -> order

4) translations -> front office translations -> contact form

5) translations -> front office translations -> authentication


hope it helps :-)

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Well, I know exactly. ^_^

You are right, it is blockreinsurance.


And these are the translation-IDs for 1.5.2 -


blockreinsurance_212ec5c1ad6e7811c9ceca38b29f0aff' = MONEY BACK

blockreinsurance_488ec823efaa6f1a629d149ecc0eacf9' = EXCHANGE IN-STORE

blockreinsurance_eb656114f93f0a44609969d05de3673c' = PAYMENT UPON SHIPMENT

blockreinsurance_b00b85425e74ed2c85dc3119b78ff2c3' = FREE SHIPPING

blockreinsurance_1bb4719012d79b9dba021844dd57f116' = 100% SECURED PAYMENT


and 1.5.4:


blockreinsurance_f3295a93167b56c5a19030e91823f7bf' = MONEY BACK

blockreinsurance_56e140ebd6f399c22c8859a694b247f3' = EXCHANGE IN-STORE

blockreinsurance_597ce11744f9bbf116ec9e4a719ec9d3' = PAYMENT UPON SHIPMENT

blockreinsurance_3aca7ac5cf7e462b658960931946f824' = FREE SHIPPING

blockreinsurance_d05244e0e410a6b85ed53a014908c657' = 100% SECURED PAYMENT

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but translate it in BO | localization -> translations -> module block reinsurance


Well ... depends. So I hope this advice doesn't apply to users of v1.5.4. ;)

Because as long as the the bug fixes of the new designed AdminTranslationsController.php obviously miss some facts out, you won't find the block reinsurance there unless you use the default template. Like some hundred other items its not displayed.


And currently I'm afraid that one bug fix causes two new bugs. 4 days ago there were more than 1700 items displayed for module translations, last fix reduced them to about 1300.

A glorious mess! :)


So guys, if anybody has a problem with missing module translations in the BO translations menu of 1.5.4 use the /controllers/admin/AdminTranslationsController.php of instead until all bugs are fixed. Works fine.

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  • 11 months later...

Hi Vekia,


I have a similar problem with the translation of this block. I've translated it by going to translations->modules translations->blockreinsurance and also by going directly to the translation folder of this block but even though  all the translations seems to be done ok, the words are not shown correctly at the template. Do you know how can I solved it?



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