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Extra Tab in the Product Page?


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i m trying to add an extra tab in the product page.

i m able to get the tab and the description in the Front Office.

But not able to align the description below the specified tab.

I m attaching the image of my store.

Plz help me in this matter.

I had been trying to solve this issue from a long time but not able to.



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Hi Ruchit,


Can you indicate how you want it to be? I see the upper part, which looks quite ok to me. Is the middle part a detail of one of the upper items? (if so, which one? How do you indicate the selected one?) And what is the third (lower) part exactly?


Please elaborate how you want the layout to be, and what part 2/3 are.



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Hi Pascal,


I want the 2nd part to come under the tab Fit models and the 3rd part to come under the Tab Technical Specs.

When i click the Fit Models tab only the 2nd part should be displayed and when i click on the Technical Specs part only the 3rd part should be displayed.

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