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products are on sale but only some of them show original price


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okay i have a very weird problem

on my home page i have a few products on sale and i have the prices drop page with all the on sale products and now i have 1 product which is screwing me over.


it shows the original price and the reduced price nicely on the homepage as it should but on the discount (aanbiedingen) page it does not show at all weird enough but the other products do show it...


and to make everything even more weird, on the product page itself it does not show the original price but only the reduced price and the amount which was taken off of the original price.

but on all the other products on sale it displays everything as it should with the original price too...


can somebody please help me?


if you want link to the website, then please pm me.


thank you in advance


edit - I am using prestashop version

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i used to be able to reduce price frm specific price option but now i cant...i'm using prestashop and i have problems with specific price. when i set specific price a product, the price doesnt change. it used to be ok, now it failed to change the price based on my setting. please help. Ive been trying to solve this problem since months ago.. and now i 'm stuck. i cant run promotion due to that problem.. pls help. tq

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