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[SOLVED] Paypal error "Sorry - your last action could not be completed "

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Is/has any one else gotten this error message after selecting the "PayNow" button from PayPal ?

I get this error after I check out of my prestashop cart pass over to Paypal, and login using my Paypal account.

A few things
I am using Paypal v 1.4 presta 1.1 and have confirmed the site is working with paypal correctly through the Paypal Sandbox.

Googling the error I saw potential solution on the paypal developer boards. Per that solutions I have tried to change the following line in paypal.tpl
from this

<form action="{$paypalUrl}" method="post" id="paypal_form" class="hidden">

to this

<form action="{$paypalUrl}" method="post" target="paypal" id="paypal_form" class="hidden">

No success

Then I called paypal... and the rep suggested that I the following line from paypal.tpl

    <input type="hidden" name="upload" value="1" />  

<-- I figured this was not going to work, and indeed, No success! as obviously now the cart does not know what to do with the data its receiving

I tried to replace the above code to this

     <input type="hidden" name="add" value="1" /> 

and this does not seem to pass all the information to the paypal cart either.

( I also had another person try to process their credit only with Paypal and they received a message I also got which was that the card could not be process.)

Called back paypal and they tell me I need to talk to the merchant technical support line. I will call but wanted to know if anyone had experience solving this issue or has any advice.

Thanks in advance for help

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Well i didn't get any responses but perhaps my experience can help someone.

The issue turned out to be the primary confirmed email address for the business was changed recently by the client.

The paypal website payments standard from prestashop MUST use the primary and confirmed email address from the business account.

In my case, I thought I was using the primary and confirmed paypal email because I could log in with it however the client added and switched the primary to this new email on the same account.

So glad to say it wasn't a technical issue with Prestashop at all ... I am very happy for that becuase my experience with PRestashop in terms of configuration and making little changes has been great.

Hope this helps someone...

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I know that this issue was solved on other grounds, but this error message can pop up for other reasons. I have wrangled with it, and just found a partial fix, so I wanted to post it here in case this thread's title captured the attention of some frantic PS users trying to get their paypal module working again.

My problem appears to lie with frames. If the website employs frames, PayPal may not work because you are attempting to load their secure page in a frame. This problem seems to be universally associated with IE users, while PayPal does not bomb out with Firefox. This is a complete mystery to all those on the PayPal forms and other shopping cart forms where they discuss this issue (its not just a PS issue). Also, there is little uniformity as well – as I mentioned, two computers running IE (IE 6 and IE 8) received this error message, while a third computer with IE 6 worked fine, so it is surmised that the customer’s computer setup (security updates, etc) play a part.

My website does use frames, so I loaded up the shopping cart directly without the top banner and link bar. This solved the problem in the IE 8 computer, and on an IE 6 laptop I dug out from under my bed. (hey, some people read books in bed, other watch YouTube videos)

From my research, there seems to be a sharp up-tick in people having this problem in the past couple of months, so people are wondering if some update to windows or IE caused the problem. Just FYI.

I hope this helps fix the immediate problem of customers not being able to pay for orders. I would HIGHLY appreciate it if someone here with knowledge of PresaCart’s guts would suggest how to fix the problem so that we can use frames again. I really like my page banner and website links. For non-shopping cart websites, PayPal suggested this fix to allow frames: <form target=“paypal” action=“https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr” method=“post”>. How can we do something similar with PS?

Thanks for reading, and I hope this helps people who might encounter the same problem. If you use frames on your website, I HIGHLY encourage you to run tests on three or four computers running IE – some may work but some may not. It just so happened the computer I developed my website on worked perfectly with IE and PayPal, so I never knew about the problem until a day or two before I launched the online business.


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