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Show prices without tax in product list and homefeatured

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did someone manage to show prices without tax in product list and homefeatured. I did it on the product page but i can't figure how to do it on other pages. The way i'm setup is i don't have product tax, tax is based on location (12.875% for Quebec, 13% HST for atlantic and 5% GST for the rest of Canada), so when a customer login, all prices show with tax. I think it is confusing for the customer. I read that this feature has been added to ver 1.2, is it possible to adapt it to 1.1?, i really don't want to upgrade as i already did a lot of mod to the shop.


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This solution is based on 1.2.
In classes/Product.php add this line to static "public function getProductProperties":

$row['price_tax_exc'] = Product::getPriceStatic($row['id_product'], false, ((isset($row['id_product_attribute']) AND !empty($row['id_product_attribute'])) ? intval($row['id_product_attribute']) : NULL), 2);

Just add it right above the "$row['price'] = ... line

Then, in homefeatured.tpl change:
{displayWtPrice p=$product.price}

{displayWtPrice p=$product.price_tax_exc}

This also works for other modules.

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