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[Module] Product Reviews Advanced PRO + Reminder + User Profile 1.7 / 1.6

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Product Reviews Advanced PRO + Reminder + User Profile module was created to give you more comprehensive information about customers opinion and for your customers to express their thoughts and feelings of your products.

If you have already purchased our:

Automatically Wall Posts (3 in 1) module (sold separately on https://addons.prestashop.com/en/product.php?id_product=41665)

you can place any rating and review automatically posted on the Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest page of your shop.




- Enable/Disable Product Reviews Advanced PRO, User profile functional




- Product Reviews and Ratings

- Created Admin Tabs in BackOffice ( Moderate Product Reviews )

- Criterions for ratings (unlimited). You can create criterions in back office

- Helpful review functional

- Report abuse functional

- Style stars (Yellow, Green, Blue colors)

- Facebook like Button for each review ( when customer share your review on Facebook he get voucher for discount )

- Enable / Disable reviews Admin Approval

- Suggest to user change the review ( You can ask the user to change the review with a higher rating, if he write a bad product review with bad ratings )

- Ability to manually ADD / EDIT any review in back office (you can also change rating for each review)

- Last Reviews Block you can place and customize on the 6 pages (home page, for each category page, for each manufacturer/brand page, for each product page, for other pages, for CUSTOM HOOK pages ) in the 5 positions (Home, Top, Left Column, Right Column, Footer)

- You can show block last reviews on a single page (CMS or blog for example) - just using CUSTOM HOOK

- Detailed reviews with review criteria included on the product page

- Ability to display the star ratings in product lists (categories, brands, search results and etc...)

- Avatar for the user in add review form

- Files in add review form

- User can add more than one review

- Statistics for Reminder (for Product Reviews)

- Captcha only for non-registered customers

- Verified Purchase (verified reviews) option 

- Minimum chars the user must write in the Text field for add review

- Filter by ratings on the frontend (product page, all reviews page, user page)

- Product images for All Reviews page

- Export / Import Product Reviews




User functional include: 


- Block Users (available positions: Left column, Right column, Footer, Home)

- All Users page in the list view

- User page with User info, Product Reviews. On the user page any user can see all product reviews, and user info

- User can change own avatar for product reviews

- User can enable/disable show his profile on the site




Who can add review: 


1. Only registered users

2. Only users who already bought the product 

3. All users ( add review form with captcha )


Included Verified Purchase (verified reviews) option. If customer bought product in your store, then displayed text ‘Verified Purchase’




- You can choose to send your customers an automatic email reminder to invite them to rate the products they have ordered a few days after their purchase

- IMPORT OLD ORDERS and send your customers an automatic email reminder to invite them to rate the products

- Send emails only for the orders with the selected status (Payment accepted , Delivered, Remote payment accepted, etc …). You can select any status in module settings.

- Statistics for Customer reminder

- Filter by date for Customer reminder statistics

- Possibility send manually emails to customers in module settings for customer reminder

- Possibility send email to customer a second time for customer reminder

- Add option: Delay between each email in seconds. The delay is intended in order to your server is not blocked the email function 

- Add option: Number of emails for each cron call. This will reduce the load on your server. The more powerful your server - the more emails you can do for each CRON call! 




- You can receive an email every time when customer add new review

- Sending coupon by email (only for registered users or users who already bought the product)

- Customer get suggestion to Share Review on the Facebook

- Someone send abuse

- Review has been published

- The shop admin has replied to your product review

- One of your customers has modified own product review

- Send Thank you email, when user add product review 

- Send email to user, when customer reminder will be sent

- Send confirmation email to admin , when customer reminder will be send




Admin can import/export product reviews in your shop!

Module include example of CSV file (you can write your product reviews directly in csv example file)




- Support RSS Feed

- Admin can Enable or Disable RSS Feed

- Admin can set Title of your RSS Feed

- Admin can set Description of your RSS Feed

- Admin can set Number of items in RSS Feed (default - 10)




- If you are already using PrestaShop Product comments module, you can import all your existing ratings and comments.

- Also will be imported CRITERIONS (for prestashop 1.6)




1. When a user add review - he gets a discount!

2. When a user share review on the Facebook - he gets a discount!


 - Admin can Enable or Disable Voucher

- Admin can set Voucher Description ( Multilanguage )

- Admin can set Voucher Code ( It must be at least 3 letters long )

- Admin can choose Discount Type: Currency or Percentages (default Currency)

- Admin can choose Minimum checkout

- Admin can select the category for which the coupon is valid

- Admin can set Term of validity Voucher

- Admin can choose Cumulative with others vouchers

- Admin can choose Cumulative with price reductions

- Admin can choose Tax (Tax Included or Tax Excluded)


 Google Product Review Feeds for Google Shopping:

- You can generate Product Review Feeds for Google Shopping
- Google Product Ratings Feeds: More info:  https://support.google.com/merchants/answer/6171899?hl=en


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