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JCarousel on attributes of a product.


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Well, I make this post so that I can help with a little problem I'm having incompatibility between jCarousel script (http://sorgalla.com/...ects/jcarousel/) and attributes.


I tell a little: what I did was install this script, including the necessary codes in the header of my theme. So far so good, 0 problems. After doing this, change the "class" of the list of attributes identified as "color_pick_list" (if not bad memory, however sure they will understand me hehe), to do all this I continued the slider works, good Perfect far. The bug is when I click on any of the images of the attributes, that is if I click, for example, in red the url does not change (as would normally be done).


Well that's it, any help you can give me would be 10 points, or if I could tell if this is impossible to do well, or if I want to recommend another slider, or maybe a module.


Thank you!

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