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1)I would like to know,i have a slider ( minicslider ).Can i use it second time in a page with not the same photos..?How can i do it..?


2)Also i would like to know how to add text and photos with possibility of explaining..


Thank you very much!!

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Hi webmining,

1) Normally it takes some work to add a second time the work of a module, as it has it's fixed name, and group of variables. You therefore have to edit the sources files, change the variable names and class names/module names to co-exist with the first one, without interfering on each other. This is not a lay-mans task, but needs some programming experience. Maybe it' easier to add a different slider that will work on other pages than the front page. There are load of slider modules, not sure however if there are any that yo can use on other pages than the fron page. Anyone??


2) Not sure if I understand the question. Do you just want to add some text with pictures to a page? if you want a separate page, you might consider adding a page to your CMS module. If it's the front page, you can use the Home text editor - module. If I misunderstood your wish, please elaborate.


My 2 cents,


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Thank you very much Pascal..You've understood everything..


I would like to know for the second question,If i want to add more text and not only one,how do I do that..?i must to create another module like Home text editor for example..


Thanks a lot...

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In Home text editor, you can add as much pictures alas you want, with text in between, or other HTML stuff. You can have a quick look at out front page, where you see a lot of text, and when you scroll down, it's alternated with graphics (with links actually). (It's in Thai, so unreadable text, but believe me, those are real words ;-) )

- http://www.phelineonline.com


Do you really need to have a separate module? Or should this work for you?


Another option is to find a (free) module that just can show HTML text, and add this to your site. I once found a free one called freeblock (just google "freeblock free HTML text module prestashop " or so to find module), but not sure if you could use it in the Center block. I use it on the right of my page, for my Email/phone/Facebook link block


Hope this helps,


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