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Shipping : Multi zones for a Country? How?..

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After an normal and clean install I try now to setup the shipping. I have 3 carriers and for each of them we have several zones, unfortually countries dont be in the same zone for each carrier.


Exemple :

  • Hong Kong, for Carrier01 = Zone1 and Carrier02 and Carrier03 = Zone2


  • Egypt, for Carrier01 = Zone7, Carrier02 = Zone4 and Carrier03 = Zone8

Now the problem we have is that by default prestashop can only set one zone per country so the question is how to do for more than one zones for a country ?


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we have currently 2 global shipping providers that have 7 in one zone and 9 in another


for both the zones correspond reasonably well and the price vary only a few countries are in the wrong zone price. So we cop the loss.


However now we would like to add another specialised shipping provider.


However the country zones for that provider are 15 zones


and vairy widlly from the countries in first 2 carriers,


For example if au (australia) nz (new zeland) and png (Papua New Guinea) might be in zone 1 for carrier a and b


but for carrier c (the new one we want to add) PNG and NZ are in zone one but AU is in the really high priced zone 5 due to the large amount or rural space to cover for this specialised carrier.


Therefore we cannot use zone 1 with the same prices for AU as png and nz.


The only solution we currently see is to mane a zone 1b for carriers a and b then move AU to 1b zone. then duplicate the price ranges for carrier a and b for zone 1 to zone b then set up carrier c in zone 1 and allow it and make another price structure for zone 1 for au to account for the higher price. (or reverse move au to zone 1b)


This would be ok if we were shipping to just 3 countries, but we ship globally and the zones are really quite different across many countries. for example carrier 1 and 2 might have China Russia France and Italy in zone 4 - but this new carrier has russia in zone 7, italy and France in zone 13 and china in zone 4.


So the ultimate solution would be to create carrier c and add new b zones and be able add the countries to both zone one and zone c7 or c13 or c4 . (c meaning the name of a new zone that would only be enabled for carrier c)



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this is true, but also a nightmare to set up because we use weight ranges and have to duplicate the prices with about 60 price incriments for each carrier.


If prestashop had shipping the was set for say $10 for the first kg then +$2 for each kg after that up to say 30 kg it would not be so bad.


Unfortunately we have to input the prices $10 $12 $14 $16 $18 etc up to 3o kg for 200 + countries. Then if they increase the shipping charges we have to edit them each year to account for it.



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For someone proficient in coding it would be quite easy I imagine to build in more functionality for carrier options to us people in NZ and Australia.


All documentation refers to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-2 as the basis of states and zones etc. however NZ has been overlooked.


The issue in NZ is:


Currently for New Zealand, ISO 3166-2 codes are defined for two levels of subdivisions:

Some of the New Zealand outlying islands that are outside the authority of any regions are not assigned codes, specifically:

In addition to the regions mentioned above New Zealand also contains vast amounts of 'Rural Delivery' areas that incur different rates, timeframes and carriers.


Each carrier has different rates for each island and region yet in Prestashop none of these are defined.


If there is a Prestashop [spam-filter] out there that wants to make a significant advance in the software's usability I will give you all the information required including API's for Postal Code look up etc.


NZ currently only has custom build solutions for ecommerce and is craving for something like Prestashop to come along.


Surely someone wants to pave the way here.

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Hi guys,

I think the solution has to do this is not to use the prestashop zones and directly configure the transports to each country, province or city that will operate. You may be interested in the Shipping Configurator Colombia module: https://addons.prestashop.com/en/shipping-carriers/29735-shipping-configurator-colombia-advanced-carriers.html (works for any country)

Best regards.

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