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Make Me Google It


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and make it - http://pastebin.com/Es3RBK5r



and add

.toolbarBox .process-icon-google, .toolbarBox .process-icon-google-pix { background-image: url('../img/process-icon-google.png');}

then create icon and put it in %adminFolder%/themes/default/img

take your cake


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looks fine but how it exactly works? can you say something more? please?

i need it for this:

1 - partners gave me list of products, but it has only titles and prices in table, i've imported it

2 - correcting categories

3 - uploading pics from google images manually - complicated, with these btns - comfortable

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Guys, sorry, ma'bad, use only ./override/controllers/admin/*.php

Just copy function in empty samename controller and edit it, DO NOT EDIT ORIGINAL CONTROLLERS, or... edit if you know what you do..

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