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Attributes quantity to be reduced from `total quantity` and not individual?


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Hi friends...


I have a factory and for example i have cloth to build like 10units of a dress... so i wanted to put available all attributes Sizes S, M, L, XLG.. Since i will produce the ordered size after receiving the order... this way i dont need a real stock...


Tho prestashop doesnt have a option to put attributes with 0 quantities and so every sell it deducts from Total quantity of each product and not the attribute individual quantity itself...


Can anyone help me how can i make this to work since not all products will work like this... Maybe theres a addon or setup im missing ?!


I know i could put like 3 units available for each attribute... but this way i could have a big order and oversell..........


Any ideas ? My presta is 1.4.9


Thanks allot!

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=[[ this is really sad... if i put attributes combinations in product i get `You used combinations, for this reason you cannot edit your stock quantity here, but in the Combinations tab`


But this would be so easy addon if i have attributes that have 0 Quantity i could add the quantity in the Total `stock quantity` ?


Doesnt this seem like its something that should already be available? lol


Or am i the only shop that wants to work with `virtual stock` ?

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