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Displaying Tax on final checkout (Payment) page


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PrestaShop 1.5.3


On the first page (Summary) of the checkout process it shows the appropriate taxes. But then on the final page (Payment) it has the taxes in the total amount due, but it doesn't show them. This was noted (and fixed) in the following file:




I downloaded this order-payment.tpl file and swapped it out with the current one in /themes/mycurrenttheme. I did that with Force compilation on and off, but it doesn't make a difference. It still doesn't show the taxes on the Payment page. Am I missing something?





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If you are not using the default theme, make sure you are editing the tpl for your theme.

I had the same issue and do not have the default theme. I added the additional lines of code from the link you posted and it now displays properly.


Here it shows the code that needs to be added to the tpl for your theme rather than pasting the whole code because your theme may have a different order-payment.tpl file (as was the case with mine).


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Holy crap, you just solved like 3 or 4 issues I'm having. I used a theme creator for my site, it uses weird random generated theme names each time you modify the theme and I never took the time to use appropriate names or clean up the old thems. So long story short, I thought I was modifying my current theme when actually I wasn't. Thanks.

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