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Hello, to all

I am writing to a problem that occurred, I would like to solve with your help.


I state that the site that I'm developing is only for retailers, why the need to resolve this problem.


PS I, and I would like to ensure that the prices of individual product sheets, to appear with the words next to + 21% VAT and the price with VAT.


So it is now:

1089.00 €


I wish it were like this:


1089.00 € + 21% VAT


(€ 1,317.69 VAT Included)


thats my site




I am interested not changes to the product list, or in the category, but only to the specific product page, then so much the truck is already good.


Thank you very much to all

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I'm looking for this same solution , but still haven't found any, i was looking at your site and the tax display with and without tax is looking very good, can you please help in to get the same result, how did you managed to get it to work, and could you please share it.



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