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Fix alot problems, help please!


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I have tried to make my prestashop look better, and now it only looks worse and each time i try to fix i just mess stuff up :(


My website: www.pryllager.se - Using PrestaShop


This is what i want to fix on my website:


- Fix search, i get no results when i search something (even ipod, laptop etc..)

- Check image! Adress not showing and edit more in checkout!

- Check image 2! Add to cart icon not showning next to "Add to cart"

- Check image 2! Move the number of products in category to align with title to right!


Extras (if possible)

-Is it possible to remove the account feature so that only guest checkouts are avaiable?

- Get costumers adress just by SSN (Swedish format: YYMMDD-NNNN)? (like: https://cdon.se/order/checkout as you see to the right "Snabbkassa" and "hämta adress")


Please help me and thank you in advanced!


Checkout image:





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Hi Editorstefan, I think the best "solution" for you would be to reinstall PrestaShop. The things you are asking for would require teaching css and php etc. Also, if you want a PrestaShop community expert to teach/ complete your required modifications, you can post in the "Job Offer" forum for better results. This probably isn't ideal for you, but it is my suggestion.

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