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[SOLVED] Remove powered by prestashop in prestashop 1.5


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I'm trying to remove the powered by prestashop. It's pretty easy to remove the footer. But I'm trying to remove it at the back office aswell, but without any luck. I've googled it, with no luck what so ever. Every topic is about prestashop 1.4, and it seems it doesn't work in prestashop 1.5.



Thanks in advance, i would really appropriate it

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Hey dude, I'm moving to a new flat today. I'll post my solution tommorow. It's pretty easy though.


I took the admin folder and copied it to my desktop. Opened Notepad++, and selected the folder, and searched for the word prestashop. It's finding every instance of prestashop in all the files. After that just locate the files, and delete it. But i'll post it anyways.

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