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Module Tpl override


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I was trying to override a tpl from a module. I followed documentation for prestashop 1.5 but does not work :




but as I can read in method setTemplate from ModuleFrontController :

public function setTemplate($template)
       if (Tools::file_exists_cache(_PS_THEME_DIR_.'modules/'.$this->module->name.'/'.$template))
           $this->template = _PS_THEME_DIR_.'modules/'.$this->module->name.'/'.$template;
       elseif (Tools::file_exists_cache($this->getTemplatePath().$template))
           $this->template = $this->getTemplatePath().$template;
           throw new PrestaShopException("Template '$template'' not found");


This method search theme/mytheme/modules/mymodule.tpl path but not the one in documentation.


All of this to say that sometime beware of RTFM :)

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