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TECHNICAL ERROR: unable to load form

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Hello everyone,


I have a running where I get the message Technical error: unable to load form, when I try to create an account on the login page.




I've tried looking around the forum and it seems people claim disabling the mobile theme module(I've read module even though I can't find said module) will help. Where is this module? Or is the the mobile theme options under the theme selector that is meant? If so disabling this doesn't help.


I've tried reverting to the default theme and that didn't change anything.


I hope someone can help, thanks in advance and have a lovely day.

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I have the same message but only for one shop on my multishop

for all ident .

I see , the error come from the ajax code : controller=authentication&SubmitCreate=1&ajax=true&email_create=mopi%40lmcreation.fr&token=15eea31a697307fb945ab50363f334b5


but if i try the code directly on the navigator : no problem ..


Some body know the solution ?

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i try a solution but not clean :

in FrontController.php

line 318 insert :

'base_uri2' => $protocol_content.Tools::getHttpHost().__PS_BASE_URI__.(!Configuration::get('PS_REWRITING_SETTINGS') ? 'index.php' : ''),

and on header.tpl

line 46 change var baseUri = '{$base_uri2}';

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