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[Solved] Installation Problem - Version 0.9

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I am stuck on installing Preta shop verison 0.9.


I am installing a fresh copy and when i get to the system requirements page I have one error which is:


"Allowed to open external URLs"


I dont understand what this setting is and how to change it on my server. I am hosting the site on a Dreamhost account using PHP 5.2.2 and Using MySQL.


Can someone help? Im desperate to get this script working.


Thanks in advanced


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Hi James! Welcome to the PrestaShop Forum :)


From php.net:


"If PHP has decided that filename  specifies a registered protocol, and that protocol is registered as a network URL, PHP will check to make sure that allow_url_fopen is enabled. If it is switched off, PHP will emit a warning and the fopen call will fail."


Check to make sure that "allow_url_fopen" is activated on your server.


More details about allow_url_fopen on php.net here.


Good luck, and let us know if this doesn't solve the issue.

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Tried to install on Dreamhost which do not allow url_fopen and it would seem that I have to change the code to have it use curl instead.


Shame because I wanted to have a quick peek at the admin and see what was on offer. I don't have another server with mysql or php 5 so I'll just have to hope this code is re-written in the future so that I can try it unless the developers can work out a quick workaround.


If not perhaps this could be looked into before version 1 goes live.

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Yep. It worked fine.


The only thing is that rss feeds will not work but I wasn't planning on using them anyway.

The admin seems to do everything it should quite well but I did get an error when adjusting a sample product as the admin thought it was a hack attempt.


Whether I will actually use this for a store or just have a play I don't really know yet but it is nice to have another open source ecommerce project to play with.


I'll get my head around all of the features on offer and if I think that it is easy to use I'll recommend it to customers. Think I'll wait for version 1 before letting customers loose on it whenever that will be available.

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