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Final Order Step - Order Confirmation


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i have 5 Page Checkout and i want to change the order steps in PS to this way with numbers:


1. Shopping Cart

2. Login

3. Addresses

4. Payment (Carrier Step i deactivated already ) and Confirm

5. Final Step - Order confirmation


But the perfect solution is this here:


4. Choose a payment

5. Confirm your order

6 Final Step - Order Return


How is this possible in PS 1.5.3?


i try in order-steps.tpl this script, but this showing on Payment and Confirmation Step always Div 4 and 5 highlighted: and i dont no how can i different in system between 'payment' ' confirm' and 'order-confirmation'



<li class="{if $current_step=='payment'}step_current {else} {if $current_step=='address' || $current_step=='order-confirmation' || $current_step=='shipping'}step_done{else}step_todo{/if}{/if} clearfix">

<div id="eb-step-4" class="eb-step-number"></div>

<span>{l s='Payment'}</span>


<li class="{if $current_step=='order-confirmation'}step_current{else}{if $current_step=='payment'}step_current {else}step_todo{/if}{/if} clearfix">

<div id="eb-step-5" class="eb-step-number"></div>




Thanks for some help

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Ok i found myself, but here for other one that want to use it:


Just use the order-steps.tpl with the code above and for each step use another tpl. and change the step value


Example for Order Confirmation



in order-steps.tpl Step 6 Finish Step:



<li class="{if $current_step=='finish'}step_current{else}{if $current_step=='confirm' || $current_step=='payment' || $current_step=='shipping'}step_done{else}step_todo{/if}{/if} clearfix">

<div id="eb-step-6" class="eb-step-number"></div>





and in order-confirmation.tpl change:



{assign var='current_step' value='payment'}

{include file="$tpl_dir./order-steps.tpl"}





{assign var='current_step' value='finish'}

{include file="$tpl_dir./order-steps.tpl"}


Thats all

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