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Homeslider width broke on Chrome when zooming


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  • 4 weeks later...

i have changed widths in css and in module to 535px. in chrome, when i zoom in or out, the left position that is used to slide is not calculated right.. should be left: -1070px, but at different zoom distances its different amounts..


There is a problem with the jquery animate method and chrome zoom. If you dont mind the transition effect, it works fine using fade mode. Change 'homeslider.js' (<prestashop-path>/modules/homeslider/js/homeslider.js):




mode: 'fade',

infiniteLoop: homeslider_loop,

hideControlOnEnd: true,

pager: true,

autoHover: true,

auto: homeslider_loop,

speed: homeslider_speed,

pause: homeslider_pause,

controls: false




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