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[SOLVED] Home Page Slider: How To Make Fade or Responsive?


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I have a dilemma. I'm using (still in the setup/testing stage), and my new theme (made by ThemeMaker, who are awesome by the way!) did a wonderful thing for the "Homeslider" module automatically, they made it responsive. However I haven't been using Homeslider because there is no option for image transitions, you're stuck with the default "slide image in from the right" which looks horrible with my images (I put a fancy border around them so they match my store logo, etc. - fading looks WAY better). I've been using the Minic Slider module while I've been testing instead because it has the option to fade images.


The problem is, Minic Slider doesn't resize for mobile devices, unlike the way ThemeMaker made Homeslider resize. So what I'm wondering is, would it be easier to customize Minic Slider to make it responsive, or customize Homeslider so the images transition by fading? And if so, what do I need to do?


After digging around in the new theme's files I found a javascript file that tells Homeslider to resize. Now if I only knew what to copy and where to paste to make Minic Slider do the same thing...


Can anyone help?




EDIT: Solved. Apparently having more than one slider module enabled at the same time on the same page is not so good. Removed Homeslider, which made Minic Slider work just fine.

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