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Editing table costumers in backoffice (adding field)


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i need some help please about adding a field in customers BO table.


the field or the column must be named "points" and his value is the number of points that the customer got in module loyalty.



what i did:


in the class customer.php i added a field named points and a function:


public $points;
public function pointOfCustumer($id_customer){
 return Customer::getPoint($id_customer);

public static function getPoint($id_customer)
 $sql='SELECT SUM(points) FROM `'._DB_PREFIX_.'loyalty` WHERE `id_customer`='.$id_customer.' AND `id_loyalty_state`=2';
 return (int)Db::getInstance()->getValue($sql);



if the file AdminCustomersController.php on the constructor, i added


'points' => array(
               'title' => $this->l('Points'),
               'width' => 'auto'


i have to use somewhere maybe something like:

'totalPoints' => $this->context->customer->pointOfCustumer($this->context->customer->id),


and give the value to 'Points' in the constructor



yes, i'm a beginner and sorry for my bad english :s


thank's for reading this, and if you have any idea, SOS

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Technically you don't need to add anything to the ps_customer table, but want to assign a value to a Customer object from another table.


I think your best bet is to modify the LoyaltyModule to produce the points you want. Your selection criteria (above) is a subset of the LoyaltyModule::getPointsByCustomer(), so adding a LoyaltyModule::getValidationPointsByCustomer() method should be simple.


When you have that working, override Customer to just include:

public $loyalty_points;

and override the constructor to assign the loyalty points total you want to see to the Customer object with something like:

public function __construct( $id = null, $id_lang = null, $id_shop = null ) {
  parent::__construct( $id, $id_lang, $id_shop );
  $this->loyalty_points = LoyaltyModule::getValidationPointsByCustomer( $this->id );


Then go into AdminCustomersController and override the constructor to have the new data be visible. I suggest something like:

$this->fields_list = array(
'loyalty_points' => array(
'title' => $this->l('Points'),
'width' => 20,
'search' => false,
'align' => 'center'

and you should get a listing of the loyalty points in the customer list.



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