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Hello octavia, I am core contributor on PrestashopERPconnect. https://launchpad.net/prestashoperpconnect/


We are working on porting this module on OpenERP V7.

For this version we are doing more than just adapting it, but we redesign it under the top of the new framework developped for MagentoERPconnect.

The big idea of this new framework it a queue concept. Everytime you modify something in OpenERP a task of synchronisation is created and OpenERP will process it ASAP. With this new concept, the code is really simple and if you PrestaShop or OpenERP is not overloaed you have a real time synchronisation.


What you can do with this connector? well everything ;)


First we have two mode of work


1 Simple mode

- the catalog is managed in Prestashop

Then the sale order are imported and processed OpenERP and

- the sale order status are updated into prestashop

- the tracking number are updated into prestashop

- the invoice are updated into prestashop


2 Advanced Mode

The catalog is managed in OpenERP this mean

- all prestashop field can be edited directly in OpenERP

- you can add a new field on a product form in OpenERP and them this field will be automatically created in prestashop

- you can add various images, add relation between product...

And as before the sale order are totaly processed in OpenERP


In the second mode, your team will not use anymore the backend of prestashop, as OpenERP will be the backend.

In the two case OpenERP is the Master and PrestaShop the slave. The big concept is to have OpenERP in the center of your company and then connect it with Prestashop, Ebay, Amazon, Magento.....


We plan to launch the new version officially at the start in June. This project is under AGPLv3 so it's a real comunity project and it's totaly free!



If you have some question don't hesitate.


NB : If you are french, we organise french training, next session in may => http://www.akretion.com/fr/blog/formation-openerp-prestashop-21-22-23-mai-2013-lyon

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hey, this means we can use Open ERP for free ? cool ! .. just need to know about the features.. i have very bad in accounts and etc side of the business. so this erp will be able to handle the purchases and sales and the profit margins etc ?

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Ive a view questions about it.


- What about attributes in open erp 7?.. a fashion store uses several sizes/colors etc etc. and in openerp7 (in a quick demo view ive had a view day ago) its not possible to work with attributes.


- how about refunds. will it sync with openerp and ps? and will the stock be updated.


- will the order status updated when its edited in openerp.


- now we have items who customers can buy without having stock and products who can't. Is this function editable in Openerp?


we are interested in this case cause openerp is a super erp solution.

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Hello, I'm trying to install this connector in openererp 7 and prestashop 1.5.3, but I am getting errors in the xml file validation. I think it should be modules upon which the connector and still do not exist for version 7, You know i this will be solved in this month too?

Thanks for your work!

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Hello sorry for responding so late, I was really really busy, a lot of work here ;)



Yes you can use OpenERP for free, but you must understand that OpenERP is an ERP and have all of the feature of an ERP (accounting, stock managment, project managment...). So it really more complicated than using an ecommerce like Prestashop. And also technically it's more complexe than Prestashop. So yes you can do it by yourself for free but you must understand that you need to invest a lot of time for implementing it and using it in a correct way. I prefers to tell you the truth, an ERP is an ERP it complexe because managing all process of a company is complexe. So you have two solution investing time or asking an OpenERP partner to help you on the project.


@Intimit Lingerie

For attribut we already have the module "product_custom_attributs" that add the same concept of "attributes set" (same as concept as magento) you can create a type of product like camera, computer... and add specific fields for each kind of product. For sure Prestashop only have the concept of custom field and not attribut set so in prestashop all of this specific field will be visible on every product.

You must know that in OpenERP 7 the attibuts are still not push to prestashop, my coworker and myself will work on it next week. So it will be done very very soon.

For refund for now there is not synchronisation. We just send the refund by email to the customer. For the stock for sure it will be updated correctly.

When an order is confirmed, paid, cancel in OpenERP the status will be updated in Prestashop automatically.

Yes we can choose if product can be sale with or without stock. In some magento project we also add some advanced feature like if the product is in stock the delivery time is X days and than if it's out of stock the delay will be Y. And also if our supllier don't have the product before the Z date than we can send this information to the e-commerce. This feature are not available now but depending of the customer need we will add it in Prestashop

And Yes OpenERP is an amazing ERP, I work on it since 2009 and I really enjoy it, I learn a lot (accounting stock managment, project managment, purchase...) and technically OpenERP is really interesting for developper never use sql only pure object!


@ prestashop legend

I didn't test this version exactly, we work with the last version on github, actually it's 1.5.10


@ mascara

For now you can not yet still test it. Indeed for OpenERP V7 we decide to see "big" and to refactor all the abstract module in order to build an awesome framework of synchronisation. For that, our partner Camptocamp (the first OpenERP contributor) have organized a share funding http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/openerp-magento-connector-new-generation?website_name=magentoerpconnect-funding. The aim of the share funding was to refator all of the abstract module and to rewrite the magento connector.The sharefunding have not work as expected, but the code will be release (we believe in OpenSource) but for respect against the customer that give money, Camptocamp have decide to only publish the abstract module in july so the people that have paid have the privilege to use it before other. So in one month you will be able to test it. The Prestashop part is already publish and you can already take a look on it here : https://code.launchpad.net/~prestashoperpconnect-core-editors/prestashoperpconnect/7.0



Then everything will be publish I will post here again and give some link of video. For now some screenshot http://www.akretion.com/blog/synchronisation-prestashop-et-openerp-v7-prestashoperpconnect


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This sounds really interesting. I am looking forward to try it on prestashop 1.5.x, however I am newbie on OpenERP.


A couple of questions:

- Is the syncs bi-directional ?

- Does it sync users as well?

- Anybody who can tell its experience on implementing this module with PS ?


Thanks !

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