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Changing Product Option in Bulk


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My website sells women's clothing. One of the lines I carry, is constantly changing their availabltiy of the different fabrics for the clothing. Is there a way to create a "master" option that I could only have to change the choices in one place, that would then be able to access to the different products. Or do I, like I am now, have to go back to each individual product and make the changes and then redo the combinations?

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Hi blanchesplace, you would need to find a module that will allow you to bulk edit or mass change items. There are some at the Addon store. Take a look at this one and see if it meets your needs. Also, there are others that you can see under the category "Quick/Mass Edit"


Here is one of the best rated and top selling mass edit modules, http://addons.prestashop.com/en/bulk-update-prestashop-modules/3910-dmu-quick-admin-of-your-product-database.html

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