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How To Use Classe Product


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Yes, I looked into the source code and I followed the comments.

The problem is when I do:


$ p-> name = "Product name";


This saves individually "P", "r", "o", .... then it is marked on the comments that the value of the $name is string.

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There's a reason that:


$ p-> name = "Product name";


Doesn't work, and that's because it should be an array of language strings and not just a string. If you look in the AdminImportController.php file you'll see that these are actually populated using a function:


   static function createMultiLangField($field)
       $languages = Language::getLanguages(false);
       $res = array();
       foreach ($languages as $lang)
           $res[$lang['id_lang']] = $field;
       return $res;


Use a similar function in your own code and the problem with the name will be fixed. You can see which fields require this by looking at the above admin import file for clues (in later PS1.5 versions the admin "tabs" are in controllers/admin) :)

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