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Howto cleanly add module on certain page ?


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As stated in the title, i would like to know what is the best (? cleanest) way, to set a module and have it loaded only on certain pages, for instance, on homepage ONLY.


My problem, is i use several modules with js (sometimes big), but not on the same pages, so i would like to speed the page loading.


I'm aware that

1) i can add in the template a condition like :

{if $page_name == 'index'}

but in that case, only the code in between is conditionnal : the js and css are loaded anyway within the



public function hookHeader($params)
Tools::addCSS(_MODULE_DIR_.'mymodule.css', 'all');
Tools::addJS(_MODULE_DIR_.'mymodule.js', 'all');

And it could be very heavy and generating errors since the html the js is working on is not here.


2) I could EXCLUDE pages from the position management but is it really the best way ? I should exclude ALL pages but one ! And i'm not sure either the js won't be loaded.


=> I understand the separation of the code itself and the position it's html is displayed, but is there's a way to add in the hookHeader function for instance, a condition saying "add js and css only if this page" ?


Thank you in advance

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