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Dear everyone,


I am setting up a shop, and everything seems ok, somewhat..so far.


I have a problem regarding to the prices in the basket. (See attached image)


It simply adds up to, too much.. - Here is what I have done so far:


Under shipping in the main menu in admin:

  • I have set the shipping price for 0-5 to be 86.00 (Danish Krone)

A products price is 720 Kr.

Shipping is 86 Kr.


Total (should be): 806 Kr.


But in the basket the total price adds up like this:

  • Total products (tax incl.):720,00 kr
  • Total shipping (tax incl.):272,00 kr
  • Total (tax excl.):848,00 kr
  • Total tax:144,00 kr

Total is: 992.00 Kr.


Does anyone see/know how I can only get the price needed? Surely I have missed something basic here, but any help pointing out what and where that is, is highly appreciated.


The only price needed is basically the products price, and the 86 Dkr. which has been set in the shipping charges in the "zone configuration"..


I have set the weight to be 2,5kg per product, so that should be set ok, or?


Best regards,



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