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Multicarrier selection


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Hi guys,

I have a question... I have prestashop and works propertly.

When a customer put in the cart some items, automatically the system provides items cost and delivery cost. Just before order confirmation, the customer can choose if he need delivery or they want came to claim their items directly in my store.

My goal it's provide always (by default) a delivery cost to my customer and before place order let they choose if they need delivery or not. For do this, I created 2 carrier, one free and one not free giving to "not free carrier" a best rate than "free carrier" and in "delivery>carrier" in BO I choosen as "delivery default" the best carrier rate.

All works fine.

Clearly I have many zone delivery: about 100 zones with different delivery cost. Now I contacted one more carrier company that is more cheaper than my previous carrier in some zone and not cheaper in others zone. In the futures, maybe that I'll keep agreement with more carrier companies... Now... How I can provide to my customer a cheaper carrier from 2 not free carrier? If I choose "cheaper carrier" from "delivery>carrier" in BO every time by default it's taken a "free carrier", but I wanna provide to my customer the most cheaper "not free carrier" basing by zones and keep then the availability to choose before confirm the order to not require the delivery and therefore pay only for items and not for delivery....


Wich files I have to modify?

I tried to set the egual rate to both not free carrier hoping that the chepaer shoul be choose, unfortunally doesn't works.


Have you suggestions?


Thank you in advance,


best regards,



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