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Prices keept in database as TAX EXCL. not TAX INCL.


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I am currently running into problems setting prices for products in multistore.

Could anyone explain why prestashop keeps TAX EXCLUDED prices in DB not TAX INCLUDED ones?


User see different price BEFORE he login and AFTER he login. Same stiches to carrier fees - before login i see 9,82€ and after i see 9,9€... Why not keep everything as tax incl. so user will never see different price?



My multistore configuration have different taxes in each store (different country of delivery and invoice) and here comes problem - looks like in each shop price is by default calculated as netto * tax from default store.


I.e. - 2 shops in one group. Shop 1 have 19% tax Shop 2 have 23%. I put price 9€ as brutto for both of them.

When user is logged out he sees on both sites - 9€, when he logs in he still see 9€ on Shop 1 but on shop where tax is 23% he sees 9,30€... Thats a big problem.



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