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How do I add a "more information" button next to "Add to cart"?


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As topic. Im talking about the part when you view multiple products at the same time. Preferably I'd like it to open in a popup-window so that you can easily cancel the window and keep browsing.


I'd be happy if anyone had a solution. Thanks




Sorry for doublepost btw

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Hi ZumX, Is the information you want to show product dependent, or fixed/the same for every product? (i.e a fixed link to for example a CMS info page)?

If product dependent, should you add the text per product yourself, or can it be generated automatically?


Please elaborate,




If it's just a fixed text, you can do something like:


Edit the file:

/themes/<your theme folder>/product-list.tpl


almost at the end of the file you find this code and add the red line:



<span class="exclusive"><span></span>{l s='Add to cart'}</span><br />



<a class="button product_more_info" href="<your link>" title="{l s='More info'}" target="_blank"><span></span>{l s='More info'}</a> // add something like this



<a class="button lnk_view" href="{$product.link|escape:'htmlall':'UTF-8'}" title="{l s='View'}">{l s='View'}</a>



Hope this helps,


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