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PayPal refund - Refund total transaction ?


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I am a little confused. ( prestashop 1.5.017 ) I only use Guest checkout.


I had my 1st ( and last I hope :) ) return from a client.




The client payed 46€ for her socks at that time and after Paypals fee I had 44,19€ , so Paypal takes 1,81€. okay So far so good.


But PayPal has only Refunded my client 44,44€. Paypal has taken a Refund fee of 1,56€ from the 46€ .

And Paypal has transfered me this 1,56 € ?



Can that be correct that my client don't get all her 46€ back ?



I would expect that the client should have all her 46€ back.



Thank you for your help


Best regards


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What you should see is that PayPal have returned the € 44.44 and the € 1.56 fee taken from the original charge back to the client also. If you check your balance you'll see that you're down by € 46. It's just that it's listed on two lines that makes it confusing.


Get used to having returns. Be prepared for some unbelievable reasons why.

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Thanks. Yes I see it now. "Total amount" 46€ back to client.


But why the 1,56 euros back to my account ?

So Paypal just take 0,25€ in fee - 1,81 payed first time, then 1,56€ for the return fee = Paypal keep 0,25€ ?


Just to understand it.


Get used to having returns - hope not :)

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